About 47Pitches
We create the shortest distance between great ideas and their success

Great things happen when smart investors and industry insiders network with great founders, but traditional funding processes can take a long time, while feedback is often absent or farmed out to consultants.

We change all that. We allow startups to create their own networks of investors and insiders that engage, mentor, share, and connect to help fund future success.

Pitch Contests - Where lifelong relationships begin

Relationships are key to success, but in many cases you need a warm introduction to even get noticed.

We're your warm introduction.

Our pitch contests incentivize early engagement from experienced investors and industry insiders who might not otherwise get to view—or fully understand—a founder’s pitch.

Our process offers both urgency and continuity, which in return offers your project deep attention during the two-week contest period, plus ongoing help from our ecosystem thereafter.

Why investors love us too

We give investors a new way to rapidly screen, vet, and better manage large amounts of early stage deal flow so they can leverage off the experience and insights of other investors and relevant industry insiders in our network.

The initial screening of startups uses a concise 30-word elevator pitch, so investors can choose which projects to shortlist and which to pass on early in the process. After that they can drill down on slide decks, videos, Q&A and projections or chat directly with founders.

Why create a ranking for startups?

Consensus investing is our process where investors and insiders compete to rank their five favorite projects in each contest. The cumulative rankings create a weighted consensus that reflects the group’s views on a project's fundability and market acceptance.

These rankings can bring recognition to winning projects and educate lower ranking startups about additional work they may need - so no one loses. If a project doesn’t rank highly, it can still form its own network and negotiate funding at any time.

Investors can use 47Pitches consensus rankings to decide how to allocate their time and investing capital to winning projects. In future contests, investors will be able to form syndicates to pool funds for investment in specific projects based upon final rankings and other factors.

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