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ESG and Sustainability 2022
Eligibility:Entrepreneurs and ESG professionals.
Expected start date: TBA
Description:ESG is one of the most prominent investment themes today. Climate change, new ways to work, and social inequality is driving trillions of investment dollars into companies that are making a difference. ESG has applications in almost every industry: energy, food, healthcare, AI, and even blockchain. Our contests will focus on startups creating more socially responsible ways to do things such as: lowering carbon, improving worker well being, and increasing inclusion.
LawTech 2022
Eligibility:Legal or ADR professionals, bloggers, academics, judges, or regulators.
Expected start date: TBA
Description:Law needs disrupting. While other industries have been transformed by technology, the law is still largely unchanged, which meaning it's expensive, exclusionary, and often inefficient. Law Tech 2020 will showcase the best ideas in law and governance. Judges will include leading legal academics, lawyers and angel and VC investors in new legal apps.
Blockchain 2022
Eligibility:Anyone with blockchain or crypto experience, including developers, community builders and regulators.
Expected start date: TBA
Description:Contestant projects may offer crypto-token stakes in addition to equity SAFEs for jury rewards. Details will be posted prior to contest registration dates
Women Founders 2022
Eligibility:While this is a muti-industry contest, bloggers, activists, and reporters with experience in gender equity or female entrepreneurship are invited.
Expected start date: TBA
Description:Our goal is to help overcome the obstacles that female founders face getting funded in an ecosystem that's still male-dominated. This contest is open to startups with at least one female founder. The project can be at any stage, location, or sector. Projects will be initially vetted based upon creativity, market need and potential for success in their space.
Innovation 2022
Eligibility:Entrepreneurs and businesses professionals.
Expected start date: TBA
Description:This contest is open to startups at any stage, sector or location. Judges will include VCs, Angel investors, and past startup founders. Emphasis will be on the path to traction and market acceptance as well as potential market size.

Pitch contests are expected to last approximately two weeks once investors and startups are fully onboarded.

  • Startups: Startups are not required to pay a cash fee and instead make a small equity assignment to the platform and investing pool (see below). Optional premium features are available to help startups better manage their presentation.
  • Investors: Investors are charged participation fees that vary from contest to contest. These support our platform and help insure the quality of the investor pools.
  • Industry insiders: Insiders can participate by invitation only, at no charge.

Industry insiders create their own consensus ranking of the project contestants. While the Investor consensus reflects the collective judgment of the investors about the fundability and potential appreciation of the projects, the Insider consensus is more oriented towards market acceptance and the feasibility of the project applications.

Investors can use consensus feedback from both groups to help make better informed investment decisions. Startups get valuable feedback and mentorship from the industry insiders about their products and other issues in their target spaces. The insiders themselves can earn SAFE awards, connect with future disrupters in their industry, and get ongoing progress reports from each project.

It depends on the contest. Most contests provide for a SAFE pool for both investors and industry insiders. If your position doesn’t allow you to accept outside compensation and the startups you rank win the consensus vote, you can opt out of the award. While investor SAFE rewards typically include future investment rights, industry insider SAFEs do not.

Consensus is rendered on a weighted point system, where the total number of points a project receives is determined by each juror’s ranking (1 to 5) where a top ranking of #1 = 5 points, #2 = 4 points, etc.

So, for example, if a project receives 3 judge rankings as #1 (15 points), 4 rankings as #2 (16 points), and 5 rankings as #3 (15 points), its total points would be 46 points. If this point total puts it within the top three ranked projects, it would be deemed a contest winner.

The judges who ranked the contest winners would be eligible for a portion of the winning projects’ total SAFE allocations. A winning project’s SAFE assignment is allocated to the winning ranking judges in proportion to their ranking. The proportion of the total SAFE assignment allocated between the #1, #2, and #3 categories will, along with other terms, vary from contest to contest as defined in each contest’s SAFE agreement. Contest participants can contact for information about SAFE assignments and other terms.

Each contest has its own dynamics, but generally 7 to 10 days is sufficient for investors to shortlist and vote on their favorite projects. Equity rewards are held in virtual escrow and awarded upon release of final voting results. Investors can continue to communicate with projects after a contest is completed.
No. We provide a quick screening process whereby you can scan and shortlist only the projects you’re interested in, and then drill down for a deeper understanding. That’s why we use an elevator pitch limited to 25 words to allow quick screening and discovery of projects that are relevant to your interest.