A new approach to funding innovation

47Pitches holds 2-week online pitch contests where investors compete to earn investment rights in their favorite projects.

  1. Gain visibility with the investor community
  2. Get funded faster
  3. Pitch once to multiple qualified investors
  4. Create your online investor and mentor network that fuels future success
How it works
  • UPLOAD your founder video and 30 word elevator pitch. This gives our investors a chance to get to know you and your project
  • Once there's investor interest, you’ll be invited to add your full pitch material and participate in our next applicable contest.
  • Investors compete for investment rights or other rewards by ranking their favorite projects
  • Investors can negotiate funding one-on-one or form a syndicate to fund and mentor winning projects
Our goal is to be your shortest path to funding and project success.
There is no cost to participate. Some contests may require winners to grant future investment rights or other rewards to investors who vote for their project. You have the option to join a contest if you’re invited to participate, or you can just maintain your video and pitch on our site to connect with investors outside of the contest format.
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Have a great startup? Upload your video and let accredited investors compete to invest in your project.
Have a great startup? Upload your video and let accredited investors compete to invest in your project.
The shortest path between your idea and interested investors
Get discovered
Add your founder's video to our directory for FREE
Our investors network will review your project and send you an invite if you qualify. Even if you're not selected, your video will still be accessible to our investors and other visitors. Our goal is to help your project get discovered.
Add your founder's video to our directory for FREE
Our investors network will review your project and send you an invite if you qualify. Even if you're not selected, your video will still be accessible to our investors and other visitors. Our goal is to help your project get discovered.
$0 Out of Pocket
Preserve your cash while you fund
Investor incentive: 1% equity and investment rights
Investor incentive: Future Investment Rights
Provides powerful incentives for investors to engage with, rank and fund their favorite contest projects (typically applies only to the top 3 winning projects)

A unique feature of our pitch contest is consensus rankings that reflect the combined wisdom and expertise of our investor and industry insider communities. The investor censuses helps assess the best projects in the contest from a financial perspective, while the industry insider consensus provides insights into potential market acceptance or product viability.

Investors can use both consensus rankings, along with other community feedback to help decide whether a startup is ready for their investment. We believe this can help investors more efficiently screen deal flow and avoid missing the unicorns of the future by leveraging the collective input of other experienced investors and insiders.

At the end of a contest, investors will be invited to invest in the top three startups by forming a syndicate. Or, they can negotiate terms and invest individually in any project, through our platform or independent from it.

3 groups will participate in Women Founders 2024

  1. Startups - the contest is open to law and governance related projects at any stage and in any location. These include: new approaches to technical aspects of law such as e-discovery, online trials, depositions, lawyer sourcing or case matching; AI applications in law; blockchain and smart contracts; and any other innovation that can help reduce the cost of law, improve access to justice or otherwise make navigating and utilizing the legal process easier.
  2. Accredited Investors - a diverse group of global investors including VC’s, angel, family office and corporate investors may participate. Diversity in the investor pool increases the chances of successful funding across startup projects by allowing greater risk spreading and knowledge sharing.
  3. Industry Insiders - law is highly technical. We’re inviting top academics, lawyers, and legal bloggers to join the contest to provide feedback and render their consensus on projects they feel have the best chance for market penetration and disruption. The Accredited Investors can leverage the wisdom of these industry insiders to understand market and technology issues specific to law.

NO out of pocket charges to participate in our Women Founders 2024 contest. There is:

  • a non-refundable equity platform fee of 0.5%, and
  • a 1.0% investor/insider equity incentive fee charged only if your project ranks in the top 3 of either consensus ranking vote.

We also offer optional premium features to help startups better manage their information and relationships on the platform of $29 per month.


First contest is Free: For investors who wish to participate in future contests there will be a subscription fee.


Industry insiders can participate by invitation and at no cost. They also qualify to win SAFE awards when the projects they rank win the consensus vote.

Accelerators and incubators typically require 3-4 months in residence, a significant equity cost, and in many cases significant cash payments. They are very hard to qualify for. Most startups simply do not fit the accelerator model.

47Pitches provides an expedited process for startups ready to start pitching and scaling their projects. Our standardized IcebergTM, format makes it easy to structure a pitch, connect with interested investors or industry insiders, and get a consensus ranking on the financial and market viably of your project.

Startups can also use 47Pitches to help prepare and qualify for accelerator programs, or to connect with their next round of funding sources after completing an accelerator.

Participants can focus on only their favorite startups.

We make this easy with our IcebergTM rapid screening process, a highly time-efficient way to manage deal flow, initiate relationships with your favorite startups, and leverage the combined resources of the other participants to make better investment or mentoring decisions.

  1. 30-word elevator pitches allow rapid initial screenings of projects.
  2. Projects that interest you can be shortlisted. Those that aren’t of interest can be ignored or returned to later if you wish.
  3. You can drill down on your shortlist to view additional information such as 1-minute founder videos, slide decks, standardized Q&As, milestone charts or chat directly with founders.
  4. Then rank up to 5 favorite projects in order of preference.

That's it! If the projects you rank finish in the top 3 consensus rankings, you receive a SAFE reward – the right to invest in their next funding round. You can also initiate your own funding negotiations at any time with any of the projects, or join their online mentor community and help them succeed.

The ranking process determines the consensus by weighing both the number of votes for each project and the ranking of each vote cast on a 1-5 scale. Winning projects can have fewer, but higher ranking votes depending upon the combination of 1-5 rankings received from the investor and insider pools.

If your project doesn’t win a top ranking you still benefit. You can form lasting relationships and mentorships with investors or insiders who like your project, and negotiate funding at any time with interested investors who’ve looked at your project. You can learn from community feedback to help improve your pitch and better position your project for funding.

You can also apply for future contests that fit your project categories as often as you like.

Every contestant can gain a lot regardless of the contest outcome.

We are not a funding platform - we simply offer tools to help shorten and improve the funding process.

Investors and founders can negotiate funding at any time- either on the platform or via outside communications. It’s completely up to you and your investors.

Relationships are the most important aspect of successful startup funding, but usually take months or years to establish. Our competitive process helps startups form strong relationships with investors and industry insiders quickly in a channelized way, so potential investors can get to know founders and track development and milestone achievements.
NO. But our process may shorten the path to funding by connecting great projects with experienced investors, and by providing a consensus ranking metric that can distinguish contest winners and increase recognition and funding potential.
The core goal of our pitch contests is to allow investors, industry insiders, and great startups to create networked connections that propel the future success of the project. So it really doesn't matter if a startup ranks in the top 3 projects, even though a high ranking may increase the likelihood of faster funding. Regardless of a startup’s ranking we invite any investors who ranked it in their top 5 to participate in a syndicated funding of the project. Syndicate investment terms can be proposed by either the startup or the syndicate at the end of the contest, and both sides can negotiate funding on or off our platform. Our goal is to get deserving startups funded and mentored by engaged and experienced investors who add value to the project at all stages.
The contest also provides a new way for investors to access and vet LawTech deal flow more efficiently and negotiate current or future funding at early stage valuations. Both investors and law industry insiders can win equity positions or future investment rights in the consensus winning startups by ranking their favorite projects. You can also join the ongoing online mentor communities for any of the projects regardless of their final contest ranking.

Contestants are allowed to withdraw from the competition without penalty up to 3 days prior to the start date of the competition.

In addition, 47Pitches sends out an email notice 10 business days prior to the start date asking contestants to confirm their participation. Contestants must reply with a confirmation at least 3 days prior to the start date or they will be automatically withdrawn penalty free; contestants can still choose to withdraw after their initial confirmation up to 3 days prior to the start date.

SAFEs provide 4 important advantages

  1. They create strong incentives for top investors to review and rate your startup.
  2. If your project is a consensus winner, this creates a pool of initial shareholders who can invest additional funds or provide mentorship and other relationships.
  3. You conserve your cash in exchange for future investment rights with your company.
  4. If your project is not a consensus winner you’ve nonetheless gotten: valuable feedback; may have attracted the attention of potential investors who are interested enough to follow your progress; and retained the possibility of participating in future contests. All without giving up any equity to Investors or Insiders who’ve reviewed your pitch.

If you don’t wish to accept any future investment rights, or your position doesn’t allow it, simply click the opt-out link when you register.

While SAFEs can help initiate your relationship with winning projects you rank, there are other great reasons to participate as an investor or industry insider.

Because It's Time
Main Point
Second Point
3rd Point
Featured Judges

I look forward to helping women owned businesses achieve entrepreneurial success, to help them grow from startup through customer acquisition to a final liquidity event.

Steven Rideout, President and CEO of Full Cup, Inc.; Current COO of Nu Conversion LLC; Previous Chief Operating Officer of Helios Scientific LLC; Previous COO of the Santa Barbara Market Neutral Fund


Eden Danaher, Former Tesla Sales and Marketing Manager focused on sustainable growth, teamwork and service


Serene Al-momen, PhD, CEO/Co-founder Senseware; raised $5M to date; holds 11 patents; named to Forbes 50 list of women-led startups who crush tech
Consensus-Investing: Helping women founders increase engagement and get funded faster

We're more than
a pitch contest

Our contests provide winning startups with two consensus-based rankings that reflect the collective judgment of our network's experienced investors and industry experts.

Your contest rankings not only connect you to our investor and industry insider network, but can help increase engagement and project recognition, expedite funding and open the door to traction in your market space.

What Startups Get

Fundability ScoreTM Reflects the consensus opinion of your project's economic potential, as ranked by experienced investors who compete to earn future investment rights in your project

Market-Viability ScoreTM Reflects the consensus of industry insiders and experts of your product-to-market fit, and can be used to gain collaboration and traction in your space

Success Network Invite any investors and insiders in our contest to engage with your project, discuss funding and become part of your mentorship community

Requirements for this contest

Startup Eligibility: Startups should have at least 1 woman founder or be at least 20% owned, operated and controlled on a daily basis by one or more women.

Incorporation Status for Startups: non-incorporated concepts may apply subject to SAFE commitment by founder(s)

Investor Requirements: Accredited VC’s, Corporate or Angel Investors as defined by the SEC

Startups must sign the SAFE agreement to participate, which allocates 0.5% of future equity to the Platform Fee and an additional 1.0% to the Investor Fee

Startups must sign a SAFE agreement that allocates 0.5% of equity to the Platform Fee and 1.0% to the Investor Fee

Summary of Threshold Events

Conditions required before the SAFE SAFE terms become binding:

Min number of participating startups: 20

Min number of participating credited investors: 20

Important Dates

Projected Start Date: Mid September

Withdrawal Deadline: Participants will be notified 10 business prior to the start date, allowing contests to withdraw penalty free up to 3 days prior to the start date.

Secure your spot:
pre-register for one of our upcoming pitch contests
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