About 47Pitches
We created 47Pitches to help great startups connect with qualified investors quickly, easily, and much more efficiently.

We hold Elevator Pitch contests where pools of accredited investors compete to earn future rights to invest or other rewards in startups they love.

Our revolutionary IceBergTM process allows VC and angel investors to rapidly screen, shortlist, and rank projects from pools of contestant. They can then drill-down and negotiate funding if they're interested. Our process replaces the currently confusing and costly sequential process of individual pitches with a single simultaneous pitch to many investors. This creates the shortest path to funding great projects and achieving success for both founders and investors.

Benefits to startups:

  • Pitch multiple qualified investors simultaneously, using one simplified format, on a user-friendly platform
  • Build an online mentor community of experienced investors
  • Get your project ranked by the investor community
  • Get immediate feedback
  • Create competition for your project
  • Negotiate funding more efficiently

Benefits to investors:

  • Rapidly screen and shortlist great startups
  • Rewards for consensus formation by our investor community may include equity or equity-like future investment rights such as SAFEs, warrants, or other instruments conveying future participation rights.
  • Develop early-stage relationships and access ongoing updates
  • Negotiate funding
  • Become an online mentor and help guide the future success of your favorite projects at your option
  • Don't miss another future unicorn